Vintage Orange Recipes Collection


Welcome to our e-books! As a vintage and modern recipe lover, I thought I’d share some of my vast collection in PDF format. Each cookbook will be available for download after your payment is made. Note that no files are stored on this server.


Vintage Orange Recipes Collection

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The vintage orange recipes collection consists of  a simple 25 page e-book of recipes that are – literally – ancient! These recipes were hand written on scraps of paper and tucked inside my Grandma’s vast collection of recipes. There are no big, fancy pictures – you have to picture these in your mind, but that’s half the fun (the other half is creating them).

I don’t know precisely how old many of these vintage orange recipes are, nor where or how they originated. My grandma grew up on a farm and was a fantastic cook. She literally left behind thousands of recipes. The recipes I have tried put modern recipes to shame.

These vintage orange recipes aren’t for the novice cook, nor the faint of heart cook – these are for cooks who know their stuff and are always looking for a new, fun – and delicious – challenge in the kitchen.

Most of these recipes are so old they don’t have your standard measuring amounts; instead, you’ll see the number of oranges with a pint, a quart, a half-pound, etc. They aren’t written in the way most of us are used to, either. But the spirit of them comes through – they’re fun to just read!

Vintage Orange Recipes Example: ROMAN PUNCH

Grate the yellow rinds of twelve lemons and two oranges upon two pounds of loaf-sugar. Squeeze on the juice of the lemons and oranges; cover it, and let it stand till next day. Then strain it through a sieve, add a bottle of champagne, and the whites of eight eggs beaten to a froth. You may freeze it or not.

This e-book will be available to you for download as soon as your payment is complete.

The Vintage Orange Recipes Collection

  • Orange Puddings (10)
  • Orange Pie (3)
  • Orange Tarts
  • Orange Cream (3)
  • Orange Gelatin Cream
  • Orange Ale
  • Orange Brandy
  • Orange Wine (2)
  • Orange Shrub
  • Orange Chips (2)
  • Orange Marmalade (4)
  • Orange and Rhubarb Marmalade
  • Orange Pineapple Marmalade
  • Orange Cake (5)
  • Orange Short-cake
  • Gold Cake
  • Orange Jelly (4)
  • Orange Apple Banana Salad
  • Orange Rice
  • Orange Syrup (3)
  • Orange Dessert (3)
  • Orange Float (2)
  • Orange Custard (3)
  • Orange Sauce (3)
  • Orange Sauce (cold)
  • Orange Froth Sauce
  • Orange Pineapple Lemonade
  • Orangeade (2)
  • Orange Whey
  • Orange Candy
  • Orange Frosting
  • Orange Icing
  • Orange-water Ice
  • Orange and Mixed Fruit Salad
  • Albuminized Orange
  • Orange Marmalade Pudding
  • Orange Mold (4)
  • Compote of Oranges, Apples
  • Orange Tartlets
  • Orange Trifle
  • Orange Charlotte (2)
  • Orange Roley Poley
  • Florida Orange Jelly
  • Florida Orange Wine
  • Candied Oranges
  • Orange Drops
  • Ice Orangeade
  • Roman Punch
  • Orange Ice Cream (2)
  • Orange Souffle
  • Orange Sherbet
  • Orange Fluff
  • Apple, Date and Orange Salad
  • Orange Sponge Cake
  • Orange Egg Nog
  • Orange Sponge
  • Orange Bavarian Cream
  • Banana and Orange Salad
  • Orange Raisin Compote
  • Candied Lemon and Orange Peel
  • Orange Cordial

These have been compiled in the hopes of keeping the spirit and the respect for the hard work our grandmother’s and great-grandmothers (etc.) lovingly did for their families alive and well.

Download when your payment is complete. Once these recipes are yours, you are free to use as you wish. You are also free to distribute them as you please. If you try any, we’d love to see a picture and hear a brief description of your experience with the recipe. If you have a blog or web site, we’ll happily give you a free link back to your site.

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