Wedding Couple Money Card


Your DIY money card template is delivered to you via a download link once your payment is complete. The file is a one-page PDF file and prints at a crisp, clear 300 dpi for a great looking money card.


Wedding Couple Money Card

A personal Wedding Couple Money Card for you to print at a moments notice! These are great for those Christmas gifts that just have to be in cash!

DIY Wedding Couple Money Card – buy once, make over and over, as many times as you need or want! Save money, add a personal touch and enjoy doing it all at the same time!

The outside of the Wedding Couple Money Card money has a light, free-hand style drawing of a wedding cake. The front of the money card says, “For a special couple“.

The inside verse of the Wedding Couple money card reads, “May the promise of this joyful beginning be sweetly fulfilled through the years. Congratulations.

Have this purposeful Wedding Couple money card on hand to enable you to print and put together in a flash for giving the happy couple some much needed cash!

These are super simple to make. The instructions are included with each download, as the sample template shows in the images. There is also a download for envelope templates to create your own envelope for your money card(s).

Each Wedding Couple money card is contained in a simple PDF file that consists of one printable page complete with instructions. Click it open, print your page, follow the template for cutting, folding and gluing and you’re done! You can create these on regular, every day printer paper, or use card stock for a sturdier card. You can also decorate them further if you like, with things like sparkles, ribbon, etc.

There are no water markings or other identifying markings on the PDF file.

You may print as many Christmas Candies money cards as you wish, but you may not resell them, the PDF file, or the images on them.

Due to the nature of digital downloads, there are no refunds. However, should you lose, damage or misplace your download, feel free to contact me with your order number for a replacement for up to 30 days after purchase.

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