Wedding Doves Personalized Name Art


This gorgeous Wedding Doves artwork depicts 2 loving wedding doves in the upper left corner & a country church in the bottom right.

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Wedding Doves Personalized Name Art

A gorgeous Wedding Doves photo depicts two doves in the upper left corner, and a country church on the bottom right. The middle, where the names are printed, is a soft white. This is in keeping with a wedding ceremony.

White Doves are a special wedding symbol for several reasons.

  1. The doves can symbolize the purity and innocence of the marriage relationship, since white is the color of purity. They can also represent something that is new.
  2. Some couples choose to release doves at the wedding as a sign of peace. The dove is meant to be a symbol of peace in the couple’s home and throughout their life together.
  3. Wedding doves represent fidelity. When doves find a mate, they remain with the mate for life. This is why doves are the perfect bird to include in a celebration that honors lifelong commitment.
  4. Doves also symbolize joy.

You can have just one name placed on this art piece. The sample photos show both first and middle names, instead of two names. A middle name is optional.

First name meaning gifts are extremely popular with everyone. Everyone appreciates seeing their names in print, and that is what this unique and interesting gift is all about! I’ll combine your first name of choice with it’s meaning, origin and eight virtues associated with the name. This is a treasured gift for anyone.

Wedding Doves Product Information

  • Over 250,000 first name meanings.
  • Name gifts can include the first and middle names with the origin and meaning for both.
  • Each name has eight positive virtues associated with it intended to encourage and inspire.
  • The virtues are not like a horoscope.

Each item is printed on demand. The size of each is 8.5 x 11-inches. The paper is acid-free archival quality lithograph paper. The paper makes a gift that becomes a keepsake that will last forever. This item does not come with a picture frame.

You may also enjoy the Loving Doves Name Art, Hands Holding a Rose Name Art, or the Wedding Vows First Name Art. All of these make a wonderful, personalized wedding gift for a special couple. They also make great anniversary gifts.

Personalized for You

Your personalized wedding doves art is shipped in a protective mailer.  We use USPS First Class mail. Turn around time is, under normal circumstances, 24 hours or less. On business days I ship the same day whenever possible.

When ordering, there is an optional “order notes” box for you to fill in the name you’d like on your artwork. It is in the lower left-hand corner of the order form as the image below shows.

Thank you for visiting Mayda Mart.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 11 in

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