West Of the Pecos 1945 Western


Ordered to get some exercise, meatpacking king Col. Lamberth travels to his Texas hacienda with his daughter Rill. They witness the killing of a stagecoach driver, a crime blamed on Pecos Smith, but actually committed by a gang…


West Of the Pecos DVD 1945 Robert Mitchum Barbara Hale Western NR Black & White

Stars of West Of the Pecos: Robert Mitchum, Barbara Hale, Richard Martin

Filling in for RKO’s Western ace Tim Holt in West of the Pecos, who was fighting the war in Europe, a young Robert Mitchum starred in this fine version of Zane Grey’s 1937 story of a wild and woolly West.

Ordered by his doctor to get some exercise, Chicago meatpacking king Col. Lamberth (Thurston Hall) reluctantly travels west to his Texas hacienda accompanied by his headstrong daughter Rill (Barbara Hale) and her Parisian maid Suzanne (Rita Corday). En route, they witness the killing of a stagecoach driver (Bill Williams), a crime blamed on Pecos Smith (Robert Mitchum), but actually committed by a gang headed by Brad Sawtelle (Harry Woods).

Rill, who decides to masquerade as a boy after being accosted by a couple of ruffians, convinces her father to hire Pecos and his Irish-Mexican sidekick Chito Rafferty (Richard Martin). Naturally, Pecos discovers Rill’s true gender after a few dicey moments and they fall in love. But the threat from Sawtelle and his gang is ever present and soon the Lamberth hacienda is engaged in an all-out war.

Product Information for West Of the Pecos

  • Director: Edward Killy
  • Genre: Western
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Production Co.: RKO Radio Pictures
  • Run time: 66 minutes
  • Sound: Mono
  • Color: Black and White

This movie is reproduced on a professional grade DVD-R disc and comes in a DVD jewel case. Artwork is on the DVD exactly as shown in the image.

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