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Retro DVD’s mega list offered on Mayda Mart at low cost to you, will be listed and referenced when applicable to their respective listing. This will be the main “mega-listing” page that I will keep updated (to the best of my ability) with a list of what is available here. If any have a line through them, that means they’ve been discontinued, but the listing may remain. That rarely happens, but will be well-noted when/if it does. This list gets longer by the month, so you may wish to bookmark it. While it may be long, it’s a faster way to quick check what’s available to you than surfing through all the Retro DVD’s separate listings. So forget the chit-chat and let’s get straight to the list!

Please note: If an item is not linked to, it means I haven’t gotten a dedicated page posted for the video, which was getting to be a bit too much with the crazy ways of search engines. Offers change, new DVDs are added, some are retired – but all of those listed here are available for purchase.  You could visit my Mayda Mart e-Bay store to see if it’s listed there or simply contact me to work out an order privately. If not, and you find one you’d like to purchase, shoot me an email via the contact form.

Also please note: If you’re interested in multiple items price reductions will always be considered. Contact me with the titles you’re interested in and I can let you know what the discount would be.

If you have any special requests, also do feel free to contact me and ask!

Recently Added Movie Titles (Alphabetical Order)

What's New?
What’s New?
  • Ann Vickers
  • Band of Angels
  • Big House
  • Black Horse Canyon
  • Blithe Spirit
  • Branded
  • Broken Arrow
  • Buffalo Bill
  • Cattle Empire
  • Come and Get It
  • Dinner at Eight
  • Doolins of Oklahoma
  • Duel of the Titans
  • Father Goose
  • Fear Strikes Out
  • Felix the Cat Cartoons (silent)
  • Food Delicious Science
  • Fort Bowie
  • For Faces West
  • Frenchie
  • Frontier Marshall
  • Great Mans Lady
  • Great Sioux Uprising
  • Happiest Days of Your Life
  • Hell Divers
  • I’m Alright Jack
  • Internes Can’t Take Money
  • It All Came True
  • I Was A Male War Bride
  • Jayhawkers
  • Let There Be Light (Documentary)
  • Most Dangerous Game
  • Mr. Arkadin (AKA Confidential Report)
  • Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
  • Murder at the Gallop
  • Murder Most Foul
  • Murder Ahoy
  • The Nanny
  • No Greater Glory
  • On the Double
  • Operation Petticoat
  • Pardners
  • People Will Talk
  • Portrait of Jennie
  • Primrose Path
  • Room For One More
  • Sapphire
  • Sleep My Love
  • Spoilers
  • Sport Parade
  • Strawberry Blonde
  • Swamp Thing
  • Tall Stranger
  • Task Force
  • The Verdict
  • The Real Story of Thanksgiving
  • The VIPs
  • Thunder In The Sun
  • Two Flags West
  • Unguarded Moment
  • Van Heflin Set – Grand Central Murder and Kid Glove Killer
  • Wells Fargo
  • Wichita

Cartoons, Family, Holidays & Kids

Documentaries, History

Horror, Thriller, Mystery and Crime Classics

This is a little difficult, as some dramas also fall under thrillers, so if it has a “thriller-edge”, it will be listed here.

Film Noir, Drama, Musical, Romance & Comedy Classics

Westerns, Adventure & Military/War